Plant Milkweed Seeds for the Monarch Butterfly

What is Milkweed?

Swamp MilkweedMilkweed is a group of plants in the Asclepias genus and is named after the milky sap it secretes when you snap a leaf from its branch. There are over 150 species of Milkweed in the world with many of them being native to North America, South America, and southern regions of Africa.

Why does the Monarch need Milkweed?

Pineleaf MilkweedAs land is developed and Milkweed populations diminish, the Monarch Butterflies habitat is lost. Milkweed is the host plant for the Monarch Butterfly. This means the adult Monarch Butterflies lay their eggs on Milkweed and the caterpillars eat the Milkweed leaves. Planting Milkweed in your garden is crucial to making habitat available to Monarch Butterflies in urban areas.

Where can you get Milkweed?

Butterfly WeedButterfly Encounters specializes in Milkweed and has been selling Milkweed seeds for over 16 years. Butterfly Encounters is proud to offer over 20 species of Milkweed and has an online store where you can purchase milkweed seeds.

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